Guardians Of The Galaxy: Telltale Game: Episode 2 Under Pressure Review

Under Pressure is the second episode from the Guardians of the Galaxy: Telltale game, which continues the story of Star-Lord getting visions of his mother following him finding the Eternity Forge and the team chasing across the Galaxy to solve the mystery.

After a action packed first episode, the second episode slows the story done, taking its team to develop the story and the relationships between the team. There are plenty of laughs along the way plus a few good tunes thrown in for good measure, that give Guardians that unique feel. And the relationship between Gamora and Nebula is also given plenty of space to develop, much more than we have seen in the recent movie.

There is also a new development with a story branch involving Rocket Raccoon’s past, where we learn of his previous love interest, who is an talking otter and about his creation in the lab. This story does show Rocket in a different light and shows the Eternity Forge can’t just be used to bring anyone back. But at the same time, it feels like a unnecessary distraction from the core story.

One of the biggest issues with this episode is that the primary choice options don’t feel like a real option, as the majority of players (close to 90%) picked the same option, making this feel more like a slightly interactive movie as the choices didn’t seem to have little impact on the story.

As with most stories and very common on Marvel TV shows like Luke Cage & Daredevil, episode 2 does feel like the story is only just getting going, throwing in some backstory and showing the relationship between the characters, while building up to its big finish. It left me wanting more and in the long run, this episode might easily be seen as including major moments from the story, but on its own, it fell short of delivering an outstanding experience. It’s an interactive movie that needs a little more interaction as many times it just felt like the timed interactions felt placed just to say its interactive but not doing much.

Being a new player to the Telltale style of gameplay, I’m interested to see where the game goes, but the interaction with the game does leave me often forgetting I’m playing a game and not just watching an animated movie, forgetting that I need to press a button. So I hope future episodes add a few more options and branches in the story, as this episode just cruised along. The story is interesting and really allows players to get into the characters, much more than can be done during a movie, it’s a nice experience to sit down and blast through over a night or two, but I doubt I will return to this episode again.

Final Rating:

7 Out Of 10.


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